An important part of getting the most out of your life is having your financial and tax affairs in order. Our tax and financial solutions will keep you on the safe side of the ATO whilst minimising your tax and taking your wealth further.

It’s more important than ever, your tax return is prepared correctly

Individual Tax Returns

Simple or complex, it’s important your individual return is prepared correctly. We will identify all the relevant deductions, rebates, allowances and offsets to help minimise your tax and get the best return.

Tax Minimisation

There are plenty of options available to minimise your tax. If you don’t ask, you will never know. Take advantage of strategies available through superannuation, property, trusts and insurance to get the most out of your tax position. We team up with our partner solicitors and financial advisors to deliver a holistic solution, customised to your circumstances.

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“I have used Perris Knightsbridge for tax advice for the last 4 years. I have found them to be responsive, flexible, knowledgeable and most crucially ethical. They took time to understand my circumstances and adjusted their approach to suit my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

The benefits are there for the taking

Property Investment & Negative Gearing

Purchasing the right investment property is rewarding. Our partner property buyer’s agents can help you identify the property hot spots, returning the highest rental yields and capital growth. We complete your property solution by preparing your tax return so you can get the most out your negatively geared property. If you already own an investment property, or a portfolio of properties, we can advise you on ways to further minimise your tax and protect the investments for your family.

Nothing is more important than protecting your investments for your family and children

Trusts & Asset Protection

Do you have several investments in your personal name? Have you considered a trust or even a self-managed superannuation fund to take advantage of the asset protection and tax minimisation benefits they offer. Trusts and self managed superannuation funds are highly effective in ensuring your assets are protected from creditors, and keeping investments secure for the future of your family. We team up with our partner solicitors and financial advisors to deliver a holistic solution, customised to your circumstances.

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Use a self managed superannuation fund to buy an investment property and take control of your retirement

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Self Managed Superannuation Funds are one of the most tax effective structures available to clients today. You may decide to use a self managed superannuation fund to purchase a property, be it a commercial or residential investment property and take advantage of the tax concessions an SMSF offers.

If you believe you can better manage your investments over your current superannuation fund, we can assist you in setting up a self managed superannuation fund and help you meet your ongoing compliance needs. Our strategic partners in finance, insurance, property, and share broking will help you achieve the returns you expect and more.

Retirement Solutions

You may not spend your spare time thinking about your retirement, but its important, because you want to be comfortable when you get there. Implement small changes to the way you do things know and you will be surprised at the long-term impact this can have on your retirement savings. Do you know how much you need to put aside each year to save for a comfortable retirement? We team up with our partners in financial advisory to bring you retirement solutions that will surprise.