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Our Business Advisory packages are designed to help remove the stress and headaches of being a business owner. Speak to us about tailoring a solution package based on your business needs.

Business Strategy and Planning

Your strategy sets the big picture framework for what you want your business to achieve. You will be surprised by the power of a good strategy in setting your business up for success. A strategy is essential if your business is going to out-perform competitors and continue to generate value.

Profit Improvement and Sales Growth

Profits drive business value, not only for the business owners but also when it comes time to exit or sell up. We will assist you with strategies to enhance sales and/or reduce costs with the aim of driving profit growth. We will also setup systems to help you track your business’s profitability enabling you to address and correct issues inhibiting your profit and sales growth.

Business Process Improvement

How effective and efficient are your business processes, including onboarding clients and customers? How well does your business collect debtors and undertake purchasing? Our process improvements solutions are designed to make these processes more effective and efficient, generating further value for your business. The solution set also includes setting up Key Performance Indicators to monitor various aspects of your business’s performance.

Cashflow Management

Cashflow management is arguably the biggest challenge for the majority of small businesses. You’re not alone. Our solutions will develop processes to ease the cashflow burden. You will be surprised and how quickly and easily this can be done.

Estate and Succession Planning

As a business owner, having your will, powers of attorney and estate planning in order is critical. We work with our specialist solicitors to ensure your estate planning affairs are in order to ensure the best outcome for your family (and business) in difficult times. We will also work with you to ensure your business has appropriate succession plan in place, including buy-sell and shareholder agreements.

Risk Management and Insurance

We will connect you to our insurance specialists to review your life, total and permanent disability, trauma and income protection insurances. Insurances are critical in protecting family members from unwanted financial pressure and protecting business value as well to minimise stresses when the unfortunate occurs.