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The early education sector continues to be a highly dynamic and progressive industry. Our knowledge of the early education industry and centre operation stems from the experience of our principals owning and operating early education centres.

We offer unique consultancy service packages which focus on your service’s financial and operational performance.

Your aim as a service owner is to optimise the financial value of your service. To assist you on the path to building value, we offer a range of services starting with guiding you in building your service’s philosophy and strategy. Through regular schedule meetings, you will gain a detailed understanding of your service’s financial performance, and work with you to identify ways to improve turnover and profitability. We work with our professional partners to help you build a brand that families will love and make your service the talk of the community.

We offer all-inclusive service packages for service owners, so you can focus on providing quality care for children.

Our services are designed to allow you the time to focus on running a quality service, meeting the needs of children and families. We take care of all your tax and accounting compliance requirements, including lodgement of tax returns, activity statements and payroll processing.

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We appreciate the importance of building good teams and retaining the best staff.

Key to operating a successful service is hiring and retaining the best staff. We work closely with our strategic partners to analyse your human resource processes and procedures and recommend strategies to improve staff performance; motivation and retention. Minimal disruption to your service translates to improved long-term value for your business, not to mention your service’s reputation.

Protecting what you have worked hard to build.

Protecting your investment is critical. Not only are we talking about protecting your personal and business assets, but also taking steps to protect the success of your service long-term. This means minimising risks to disruption when things take a turn for the worse, including; protecting your rights if you’re in business with partners; building the right succession plans to protect value; and realising optimum value, with minimal tax implications when it’s time to exit.