We use the latest in cloud accounting technology from MYOB and Xero to save you time and money

Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting

We retain the business bookkeeping within the practice – we don’t outsource to local or overseas contractors, so you can be sure of the quality of information we produce for your business, whether its management reports or financial statements. In turn you make the best decisions at the best time. You save time and money because we use the latest in cloud accounting technology from MYOB and Xero.

Keep a close eye on your business’s tax position and profitability

Small Business Tax Compliance

From sole traders, to partnerships, trusts and companies, we prepare and lodge tax returns for all types of entities. We also prepare your business’s Activity Statements and in addition, provide you with a full suite of management reports, so you can keep a close eye on your business’s performance throughout the year. We proactively keep you informed of your tax position throughout the year so you don’t get any surprises about how much tax you might have to pay.

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“Peter Khalil from Perris Knightbridge commitment and work ethic shines through the personal service he offers his clients. Peter has shown to be dedicated and professional in handling all my business, personal and superannuation accounts. I highly recommend Peter’s services to individuals and businesses who are looking for an accountant who makes their interests a priority.”

Having the right business structure is critical to minimising taxes and doing so legally!

Tax Effective Structures

We spend a great deal of time gaining an in-depth understanding of your business’s circumstances so we can plan ahead and minimise its tax. Every business is unique, so by getting a complete picture, you can structure your business to minimise its taxes, not only during its life cycle but also upon selling or exiting your business. Having the right structure is critical in minimising taxes and doing so legally!

Take your entrepreneurial drive to another level

Starting a New Business

Having a new idea for a business or deciding to buy an existing business is exciting, but it can be equally as daunting. Having the right team to help you focus on what you need to do and when, is important so you get the most of our your ideas. We won’t only help you with complex government registrations and compliance needs, but also link you to our team of professionals in advertising and digital design; social media; internet marketing; public relations; legal; finance; insurance; IT; and property, to put it on the right path to success.

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Use a self managed superannuation fund to buy an investment property and take control of your retirement

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Self Managed Superannuation Funds are one of the most tax effective structures available to clients today. You may decide to use a self managed superannuation fund to purchase a property, be it a commercial or residential investment property and take advantage of the tax concessions an SMSF offers.

If you believe you can better manage your investments over your current superannuation fund, we can assist you in setting up a self managed superannuation fund and help you meet your ongoing compliance needs. Our strategic partners in finance, insurance, property, and share broking will help you achieve the returns you expect and more.

Protect your assets from creditors, and minimise tax

Business Structures & Asset Protection

More clients are considering the use of a trust to operate their business. A trust is an effective way to protect your assets from creditors, and minimise tax by allowing your business to distribute income to individuals on a lower tax rate. Using a trust can also help minimise tax when it comes to selling or exiting your business, or passing your business to young family members.

Spend even more time focusing on getting the most out of your business

Payroll Services

PK offers a payroll processing service so you can spend even more time focusing on getting the most out of your business. We have consistently proven to clients the accuracy of our payroll processing, minimising errors and complaints from your employees. We can also assist you to implement various salary packaging solutions and bonus and incentive structures for your employees, so you get a better return on investment.