Business Advice

Our business advisory solutions consider various critical factors beyond just numbers.

We Know the Experts: Connecting You with Advertising, Marketing, and Legal Gurus.

Business is about so much more than the numbers. It’s about the people, culture, systems, and processes, and of course the product and service and how you position and promote them in the marketplace. That’s why we take a broader picture and consider other factors that are critical to the success of your business as part of our business advisory solutions. We don’t claim to be experts in advertising, marketing, and legal, but we know people who are.

Advertising and marketing

We understand that your business’s brand is about so much more than a logo. It encompasses so much more. Understanding your target market is import will enable you to capture the right interest in your business that will convert to quality leads. We work with professionals in design, branding, wed design and development, and internet marketing who will position your business to your target market.


Protect what you have worked so hard to build. Having the right agreements, contracts and deeds is critical to achieving that. Protect your assets, intellectual property, and clientele with the right advice. Everything from employer agreements, commercial contracts and leases, corporate law, family law or estate planning, we have worked hard to build a network of experienced solicitors that will work across a broad range of legal specialities that will deliver results for your business.

Business strategy

Your strategy sets the big picture framework for what you want your business to achieve. You will be surprised by the power of a good strategy in setting your business up for success. A strategy is essential if your business is going to out-perform competitors and continue to generate value.

Business process improvement

How effective and efficient are your business processes, like onboarding clients and customers, collect cash or purchasing? Stemming from our Virtual CFO solution, our process improvement solutions are designed to make your business processing processes more effective and efficient, eliminating inefficiencies and generating more value for your business.

Profit Improvement and Sales Growth

Profits drive business value, not only for the business owners but also when it comes time to exit or sell up. We will assist you with strategies to enhance sales and reduce costs with the aim of driving profit growth. We will also setup systems to help you track your business’s profitability enabling you to address and correct issues inhibiting your profit and sales growth.

We offer a wide array of tax, compliance and advisory services.

We adjust the mix of services to suit your circumstances, so consider the following list of services as examples, not the complete list of our capabilities.

Business Advice

Business structure affects how much tax you’ll pay, how profits are shared, and how at-risk assets are. Thinking about buying a business? What’s it really worth? Are there any issues for a potential acquirer?

What we do

Make sure your business structures are right for your stage of business.

Apply business valuation methods and check the business is as they say.


Save tax now and when you sell your business, and protect your assets.

Reduce your risk and know you’re paying a fair price for the business.

PK are responsive, flexible, knowledgeable and, most crucially, ethical. They took time to understand my circumstances and adjusted their approach to suit my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


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