Virtual CFO

Effectively managing various risks, including political, environmental, and industrial relations factors, is crucial for the success of any business.

That’s where our Virtual CFO solution comes in.

With business facing so many risks – political: changes in government; interest rate fluctuations; constantly changing tax rates and evolving regulatory environment; environmental: floods and bushfires; a challenging industrial relations environment, and that’s just the start – managing risk is paramount to your business’s success.

The solution extends on our tax and accountancy solutions to drive your business success. Get the bigger picture and take control with a custom solution set.

We will team with you and organise regular, scheduled meetings to discuss the numbers and factors critical to the success and growth of your business. We essentially become part of your management team and work with you to drive its performance further.

Assist you with the setup of your strategic goals and objectives
It’s important we know where you would like to be and by when. Knowing that drives all the other decisions we will help you make.

Setup your businesses key performance indicators

What measures are critical to the success of your business? Do you have a thorough understanding of what drives your business’s success? Do you understand what may be holding it back? We will setup your performance dashboard so you can keep a close eye on how your business is tracking, beyond just checking the bank account or the bottom -line figure.

Cashflow forecasting using AI

We’re not only looking back at what happened but looking forward, anticipating potential problems and risks using market-leading tools and developing strategies to minimise those risks.

Source funds so you can invest in the growth
of your business

Having access to capital is vital for investing in growth. There are options outside of debt lending from the top and middle-tier banks. Our network of contacts will do their best to give you access to the funds you need.

Address bottlenecks and inefficiencies

There may be better ways to do things! Time is limited, not to mention valuable. Antiquated processes and/or systems may be holding back your business from achieving its best. We will help you identify inefficiencies and advise on ways to address them and unlock better business performance.

We offer a wide array of tax, compliance and advisory services.

We adjust the mix of services to suit your circumstances, so consider the following list of services as examples, not the complete list of our capabilities.

Virtual CFO

Need a CFO but can’t justify a person in-house? Our Virtual CFO service is a cost-effective solution. Ever wished you had a commercially experienced, financially savvy, independent advisor at call?

What we do

Go beyond the financials to give you insights into your business’ issues.

Go beyond the financials to give you insights into your business’ issues.


You’ll have more confidence managing your growing business.

You develop a more valuable and easier to manage business.

PK are responsive, flexible, knowledgeable and, most crucially, ethical. They took time to understand my circumstances and adjusted their approach to suit my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


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