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Our Purpose

Our passion is to help ambitious and creative business owners like you fulfil your potential and achieve more for yourself, your family, your employees, and the families you serve in the community.

Whether you are a childcare centre owner, design professional, medical professional or an SME owner… what you do really matters.

That’s why we specialise in helping people like you — to make a difference in your business and your life.

Our Story

As told by Peter Khalil (‘PK’)…

My mother and father started their childcare business, a 20-place preschool catering for 3 to 5 years olds, in Sydney in 1987. With English as their second language, my parents faced so many challenges, but they persevered.

They ran the business for more than 15 years and saw first hand the stresses of the downs and the joys of success. They sowed the seeds for us to one day follow in their footsteps.

I studied business and accountancy—not simply because I loved numbers, but—because I loved business: I have always been fascinated by how they work, how they succeed (and fail), the people behind them.

I started my accountancy in 2010, driven by a combination of curiosity and ambition—I was drawn by the challenge of building something from nothing.

Today, PK Chartered Accountants is a team of 5.

In 2011, our family purchased a childcare business to continue my parents’ legacy, and then we acquired another centre in 2016. Today, the family businesses employs a team of more than 25 people.

What that means for you

We’re not your average pen-pushing, number-crunching, nerdy accountants. We have a passion for business and, like you, we’re ‘in the game’ of business ourselves, not just scorekeepers on the sideline.

This means you get pragmatic, real-world advice that comes from a place of understanding the demands of owning and running your own businesses.

Our Values


When you want an answer, you want it fast. We get that. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to client queries.


At PK we have a culture of respect for each other, for our clients (including your team), for the community and for the environment.


A key part of our role in advising you is to think ahead and anticipate challenges well in advance, before they can become problems.

Our Team

Peter Khalil (aka ‘PK’)

Peter Khalil (aka ‘PK’)

Founder & Director

B Bus, Grad Dip, Chartered Accountant

PK’s strength is making complex things simple to understand. He loves helping clients navigate and make sense of the complexity of business and tax compliance, and seeing strategies come together for clients; whether that’s a new business model, empowering clients to make better decisions, or saving them tax!

Outside of work, PK enjoys mountain biking, working out, listening to music and spending time with family and friends

Miriam Camilleri

Miriam Camilleri


B Bus Accounting / Diploma in Children’s Services

Miriam’s combination of accounting skills, commercial background, and hands-on experience in owning and operating a childcare centre is invaluable to our clients. She maintains the fine balance of keeping clients accountable and yet always keeping things friendly and supportive. She enjoys a chat.

Miriam loves delivering great news to clients and assisting new childcare owners with various facets of their business.

Outside of work, Miriam enjoys cooking, spending time with her young son and family, and working out. She can deadlift 110kg!

Next time you need a hand lifting something, drop Miriam a line.

Joyce Zeng

Joyce Zeng

Senior Accountant

MAccFin, BCom-ProfAccg

Joyce has more than 8 years’ experience in public accounting guiding clients with financial performance improvement, cost control and tax minimisation.

She loves providing clients with insights on how to improve their business performance and, outside of work, Joyce enjoys trips away with her family.

Joyce believes it’s never too late to learn a new skill and is currently learning Hip-Hop style dancing!

Viviana Migliore

Viviana Migliore


Viv keeps the books in order and the bank accounts reconciled. She manages the reconciliation and payment of purchases and receipts, processing payroll and preparing Activity Statements.

Aided by her 25 years in Sales and Operations management with a leading Global IT firm, Viv has a passion for solving problems and enjoys delving into the detail to investigate and find the core issue.

She enjoys getting to know clients and their businesses so that she can better cater to their needs. Viv loves asking, “Can we do this better?” and then finding ways to improve a process.

Outside of work, Viv enjoys entertaining, cooking and decorating.

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